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Make plans to attend the 2014 Las Vegas Beer Festival and prepare to sample many great, award winning beers from some of the best breweries in the USA! This is positioned as a "kick-off" event for all the great American Craft Beer Week® celebrations around the USA!

The celebration will be be 3+ days of fun May 8th-10th and will feature great craft beers, specialty food and vendor booths, live music and comedy stages, several special events, brewing demonstrations and award-winning "famous brewer" public gatherings.

We'll also have the "Brewer's Cup" beer competition, brewing equipment and supply booths, a world record attempt for the "biggest cheer" aerial photo, and of course, the pretzel and sausage eating contests!

We're working on everything right now - including this website! Before you look through it, stay on this page and click on the buttons in the left hand margin. There you'll learn a great deal of information about the festival. Here's what you'll find...

To answer the most frequently asked questions about the
Las Vegas Beer Festival, start at the top with the F.A.Q.'s button.

We want to make the
Las Vegas Beer Festival the best beer event on the planet! We're looking for a few Partners & Sponsors to help us with our goals and to become involved with our efforts.

While sampling the wide variety of great beers, know that a portion of the proceeds will help support our local Library Systems. To find information about their programs, look on the Philanthropy page.

We're organizing a group of beer festival devotees, specialists, and event professionals to create a great Production Team to manage the annual event. We want the
Las Vegas Beer Festival to become one of the best events of the year and are preparing for an estimated 15,000 people the first year. 

Las Vegas Beer Festival management team has a variety of additional  positions at the event that need to be filled with reliable, experienced personnel. Hit the Site Staff button for specific job titles and requirements
We need people to pour beers at the festival! It's a lot of fun, you'll help our local charity, and receive some complimentary items as a bonus! Want to be involved? Just click on the Volunteers button...

Do you work with the local print publications, radio, or TV industry and want to cover the event? Are you a freelance photographer looking for some great shots? If so, we need your help. Just "press" the Media & PR button to gain some "exposure"...

You'll really like what we're putting together. We hope you can join us for a fantastic time! The rest of this site details what you'll find at the Las Vegas Beer Festival, and a variety of information and other items for beer lovers planning to visit Las Vegas.

Finally, Check back soon for news about the exact location of where the festival will be. For any other questions or suggestions, you can contact us by sending an email to: LVBFinfo@gmail.com

Last Update: 9/7/13